Aug 092017

Water and Stone

In the natural world, conservatism is unnatural.  It is a hindrance to the forces of nature.  A mountain, or even a large stone, is a stationary force, a foundation, but it is a foundation that is always being changed by other forces acting upon it, but that stone does not act upon the other forces.  Water, rain, snow and even wind will act upon the stone to change it, but all the stone can do is alter direction, for a time, or block for a time, but water and wind will always find a way around, over, under or through the stone.  The stone will be forced to change, to surrender, to transmute into something else.  The wind and the water will not change.  They are the changing agents.

This is the nature of liberalism and conservatism.  Conservatism will always block, to hinder, to retard just as the stone or mountain might block the river, but liberalism, like the water, will always win.  It will always find a way to change the stone, to alter the landscape.  It might appear at first to be change we do not want, but in the end, we discover the change is necessary.  The mountain is majestic and imposing, but it is also a barrier to progress.  But once acted upon by the liberal, changing forces of water and wind, that mountain becomes a fertile plain, rich in minerals, ready to bring forth crops necessary for life.

You might be able to dam up a river to serve conservative needs, to hold back the water, to restrict the flow, but in the end, it is the river that wins.  The water will pile up behind the dam, exerting forces that will destroy the dam unless that water is allowed to flow.  The water will find a way under, around, over or through that dam, and unless there is a means for the water to flow, the dam will fail and collapse.

The conservative stone might temporarily hinder the liberal water, and it might even alter the course, for a time, but in the end, the liberal water will always win, cutting its own path, changing everything around it, no less than water has done to the Grand Canyon, or in creating the Mississippi Valley, or in the form of Ice, to cut stone to fit its own design through glaciers.

Conservatism can never win.  It can only hinder for a time, but if it tries too hard, if it resists too much or too long, it will not merely give way, but be destroyed.  Liberalism will always be the force of change, of progress, or evolution, to alter the world into something better than it was.  Liberalism creates.  Conservatism does not.