Sep 192017
  1. We now face the third Category 5 hurricane in one month. We also have already dealt with a category 4 with hurricane Harvey. There is still tropical storm Lee in the Mid-Atlantic to contend with. Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Jose will all Impact shorelines and coastal areas or have already done massive damage. If anybody tried to tell me there is no global warming or climate change I will bitch slap them stupid with a lead purse.

    Let’s say you have a sick child. 97 out of 100 doctors tell you there is a serious problem and you need to go to the hospital. Three of the doctors out of the hundred say there’s nothing wrong, and it will pass. Who are you going to believe? 97 doctors or three? Our planet is sick. 97% of scientists say global warming and climate change is real. 3% say it’s a hoax. I will believe the 97%.  The remaining 3% are employed by the fossil fuel corporations, and they are more concerned about profits over planet, and the politicians they own are more interested in the same.

    We are melting Greenland ice sheet at an alarming rate and could raise water levels 20 feet from melting the Arctic alone. That will destroy New York and Boston. When will republicans wake up? How many must die first?  Antarctica is also melting, with a section of the Ice shelf the size of Delaware about to break off.  This is not trivial.  The intensity of storms and their frequency and destructive power, the droughts and fires, the melting ice, all are a product of the Carbon dioxide humans have been pumping into the atmosphere for 200+ years.  Add the fires around the world, and we ARE warming the planet to where it will be a global disaster of monumental scope, and where billions will die as a result of forced migrations, famine, war, lack of water, and lack of space, not to mention the heat itself.

    The signs are all there, and have been for a long time.  Just this year alone, for the first time in human knowledge, a ship sailed the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific without an ice breaker.  It might should great, but it is not.  it means the Northern Polar Ice is melting so much it can’t re-freeze enough in winter.  Water retains heat.  Ice reflects it.  The seas are getting warmer and melting glaciers faster.  With Hurricane Harvey, the waters of the Gulf was 90 degrees, while the Atlantic was 86 degrees…ideal breading grounds for hurricanes.  The warmer the water, the more powerful the storm.

    It will only get worse, even if we act NOW.  But if we act NOW, as a planet, we might moderate the severity of the problem, and give humanity, and life, a fighting change for the future.


    Find this film. Dr. Keeling’s curve. Starring Mike Farrell and written by George Shea. It is excellent, it is timely, and it is a wake-up call that may be too late. I do have a copy.  It is not in distribution, since nobody will fund that, yet.  If you are interested in seeing  it, contact me directly, and maybe George Shea can provide a showing for a large enough group, such as a church or school.  It is worth seeing.  It is worth understanding.

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