Sep 052017

There has been some major debate, and a lot of anger, over the actions of this administration concerning minorities, especially the Transgender community as it relates to Military service, and now DACA, with the 800,000 people who were brought to the United States as minors by their parents illegally, and who, in good faith, applied for the program started by President Obama to give these people a chance.

Now, this administration is trying to bar all transgenders from serving in an all volunteer military, a military which the current president did his best to avoid serving in.  He has, by his action, declared that transgenders are unworthy, and resigned them to a 3rd class status in the United States.

With DACA, he has repealed the Executive Order by President Obama, in large part for his own hatred for anything Obama did, and to also pander to roughly 30% of the American public while turning a deaf ear and blind eye to the over 70% who wish DACA to continue.

This Administration has repeatedly shown themselves to be devoid of morality, ethics, empathy (as displayed publicly regarding Houston and Hurricane Harvey), compassion, respect, or even the law.  This Administration has lowered itself to a level never seen in this nation before, including going to low as to show sympathy and support for White Supremacists and Nazi’s in the United States, two groups the United States fought wars against, and won.  The White Supremacists are associated with the Confederacy, traitors to the United States and the Constitution, whose actions cost the lives of over 500,000 Americans.  The Nazi’s plunged Europe, and the world, into a six year war in which 6 million Jews were exterminated, and over 20 million people, mostly civilians, were killed.  This president showed his support to two evil movements that have sponsored murder and genocide on a grand scale.

As a nation, and a people, we are poised on a very delicate balance.  Morality is being sacrificed in exchange for greed and power.  While we are not a Christian Nation, per sey, we still pride ourselves in the United States as living by the values expressed in the Bible.  Even that has been trampled upon and soiled by those in power.  They treat the Gospels teaching with contempt, and have violated the 10 Commandments with complete abandon, all the while demanding they be displayed outside of court houses across the country.  Why?  They are incapable of living by those laws in the first place, so why post them?

It is time that the silent majority of this nation stand up and cry out, “ENOUGH”, and do what we can to bring this country back to sanity, where people are respected and rules are followed, and common sense is common.  It is time past for this country to find their Moral center, where everybody has value and their civil and human rights are respected.

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