Jun 202016

There is not a single argument the NRA can make to justify the kind of proliferation of Guns we have in this nation, and the blood lust people have to use deadly force to make their point. Oh, sure, you can kill with a knife, a club, a rock, even a car or a bomb, but nothing seems so handy and easy to obtain and used as a gun. We are killing ourselves at a rate that is barbaric, and those who are responsible for allowing it to happen don’t care. To them, life is cheap….our lives. And then, they mock the bible and pervert it, along with the Constitution, to justify their savagery and callousness. Nothing in a civilized nation, which it would seem the United States is not -we are no better than the most violent of Arab nations in civil war) has the kind of murder rate we have, and it is self inflicted.

And do not give me crap about Radical Islamic Terrorism. What we have in America, what is killing our children and our youth, and innocence, is Radical Christian Terrorism. It is not imported from abroad. This is home grown. This is people who worship their Guns more than God, who kill on a whim when insulted or cut off on the freeway because they no longer have anger management or common sense, or even respect for human life. They use guns to solve problems, thus only creating MORE problems, sorrow and grief. Not even Orlando was Radical Islamic Terrorism. It was AMERICAN Terrorism, pure and simple. This person was from New York, for crying out loud. His religion has nothing to do with it. HATE, and the free and easy access to weapons designed to KILL people, caused this disaster, and still the Gun lobby try and excuse the deaths along with fake and hateful preachers as God’s punishment on Gays. NO, this is YOUR inspired murder of human beings who probably have more right to be alive than they do.

If we don’t grow up as a nation, and FAST, there won’t be much of a nation left to grow up. We are committing suicide so that some few rich merchants of Death can get richer off of their weapons of war. You ammosexuals who love your guns more than you love God, and people, if you really need to parade around with your AR-15’s, etal, be a real man and join the Military, and prove your worth. Otherwise, you are just a bully and a coward who can only express his displeasure in life by destroying somebody elses.

When was the last time some Civilian stopped a bad guy but using his own AR-15? When? Now, compare that to the last time somebody, a civilian, murdered innocent people, and even children, by USING an AR-15. The Answer is June 12th, 2016.

If you support the NRA, and you continue to support people owning military grade weapons such as the AR-15, you are just as guilty as every murderer out there who settles their emotional issues with DEATH. May God have mercy on your souls. Nobody else will.

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