Nov 212014

I was at the TDOR memorial in West Hollywood this evening.  There was a large turnout of both transgenders and also our allies and supporters, family and spouses.  What I did find lacking is visible church representation.  I find this very sad since it is still from many churches that the horrific damage to transgenders has come, and in some cases, still comes, in the form of twisted and perverted use of scripture (where nothing exists against transgenders), and how this has broken the spirit of so many who are trans.  For this reason, may have turned away from both churches, and God, believing that they are unwanted.

It can only change when church leaders make the visible and concerted effort to show up at such events, and prove they really do care, and that transgenders do matter.  It’s called putting your money where your mouth is.  Preach inclusion, but then show up and make it count.  I was there, and I felt very alone in that regard.

I put this forth as a challenge to all clergy in the Los Angeles area for 2015.  If you care, show up.  Make your presence known and felt.  Put the word Love into action, and help make a difference to the spiritual aspects of people’s lives.  They won’t come to you until you come to them.


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